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La Leyenda del Murcielago
~ Leyenda tradicional mexicana: Oaxace
Cuenta la leyenda que el murciélago una vez fue el ave más bella de la Creación.
Usually when we think of bats we don't think of the most beautiful bird with the most color. But in this legend this is what the bat use to be thought of. One day long ago the bat when up to heaven and asked the creator for feathers. So the creator told the bat to go back to Earth and get a feather from each bird. So the bat collected only the most colorfull feathers, and went back to heaven and the feathers were his. The bat was now the most beautifulest bird along with his beauty came a new attitude. The bat turned into a increasingly offensive being. When the creator saw how his new colors were only offending others he told the bat to rise to heaven again.Throughout the day the sky rained feathers, and since then the bat has remained without colorful feathers. The bat now lives in caves and only comes out at night so no one will notice how he losed his colors.
* "Dont's brag about how good your life is or all the fine things you have because one day it could all change." *élago.asp

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